life is really fucking hard.

it’s even harder for those of us on the margins.

if this is you, and you struggle with overthinking, anxiety, or perfectionism, i want you to know there is nothing wrong with you.

as a marginalized person navigating a world that often wants to see people like us erased, developing the tendency toward overthinking, anxiety, and perfectionism makes sense.

despite how it feels or what others may have said, anxiety, overthinking, and perfectionism are not things that are wrong with you — they’re gifts you’ve been given to help you make it to today in one piece. they’re a big part of the reason you are still here. they’re tools that have helped you survive.

but you and i both know that this is a paradox: these things that have helped us survive are also exhausting, draining, frustrating, and counterproductive — in other words, they’ve made it difficult for us to thrive.

this paradox is the reason you’re here: you’re tired of surviving through overthinking, anxiety, and perfectionism, but you aren’t sure how to quit them, you have no idea how to successfully navigate life without them, and you need help figuring out what to do instead.

if this sounds like you, take a deep breath and relax for a while (if you want to), because you’ve come to exactly the right place.

hi, i'm miles (they/them)

i am an arts-based, liberationist mental health educator and emotional and spiritual care provider (practical spirituality; neither religious nor “woo”) for anxious/perfectionist overthinkers on the margins.


you can learn more about my background, why i started logic+heartbeats, and the methods that i use here!

Portrait of Miles smiling

when we develop the habit of self-kindness, suffering becomes an opportunity to experience love and tenderness from within.

– kristin neff

what can i do for you?

i offer courses, workshops, resources, and one-on-one support for overthinkers on the margins, to help empower you to survive and thrive as an act of resistance to the systems of oppression we are living under.


the two “categories” that my services/products fall under are the two words in the name of my business, logic+heartbeats!


i help overthinkers like you and me “think better” by teaching and connecting you with a broad spectrum of mental health tools, sklls, knowledge, and resources to empower you to identify and change patterns of overthinking, anxiety, and perfectionism through an arts-based approach and understood through the lens of living as marginalized people under the oppressive system of western capitalist patriarchal society.


i help overthinkers make or strengthen their connection with something either deeper within themselves or out beyond the rational, thinking mind, as regardless of religious affiliation, spirituality is an important yet often overlooked (especially for overthinkers) source of strength, resilience, and overall wellness, fueling us in our journey to both overcome overthinking and fight harmful systems of oppression.

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my philosophy

my philo- sophy

overthinking is an act of love

i believe that overthinking, anxiety, and perfectionism are natural responses to living as marginalized people in a world that does not support collective well-being for anyone, let alone those of us on the margins – it’s how our minds try to protect us and keep us safe.

i believe that these protective responses are acts of love toward ourselves and can and should be honored and appreciated even as we learn more helpful ways to navigate the uncertain and often frightening nature of existence.

overthinking is an invitation and an opportunity

i believe the pain we experience as anxious, perfectionist overthinkers on the margins is not a problem to be solved but an invitation to know and love ourselves more deeply and develop deep and abiding compassion for both ourselves and others, and that through this we have the chance to have a meaningful impact on the world.

overthinking fucking sucks

despite all of the above, overthinking is really painful. it’s exhausting, makes life more challenging than it already is, sometimes makes you just want to scream, and is likely not something you want to keep doing forever – even if it does offer so many gifts.

it is possible for these two things to be true at once: overthinking is a blessing AND overthinking causes us a lot of pain.

my goal is to help make your struggle with overthinking into something truly transformative for you, while honoring and tending to the pain of it at the same time.

more about me

my identities and privileges

i exist at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities. i am queer and trans (having lived much of my life as a woman), live with multiple mental health diagnoses, have been poor for my entire life, am neurodivergent and gifted, have struggled with substance abuse and addiction, and for the majority of my adult life was living with a debilitating recurrent physical illness.


among others, i hold privileges of being white, (currently) able-bodied, middle-aged, college educated, housed, and supported in my queer and trans identities by both family and chosen family.

why i started l+h

i created logic and heartbeats as a way to help people struggling with some of the things i’ve also struggled with for most of my life (anxiety, overthinking, perfectionism), in a way that i knew would be beneficial because i wish i’d had it when i was going through it — namely: accessible, affordable mental health support that takes into account the impacts of both marginalization and western capitalist patriarchal society on one’s mental health, is not boring or doesn’t feel onerous (the burden of living as a marginalized person does not need to be further added to with the burden of completing workbook after workbook of dry and repetetive mental health self-help activities in order to get better), and is taught by someone who understands what it’s like to be me (at least in some key ways).

about my approach

content and methods

the content and methods used in my offerings are informed by my background in cognitive psychology (BSc); formal training in multiple mental health subfields such as trauma/PTSD, mindfulness, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, non-violent communication, resilience, death and dying, etc.; my own experiences with and research in self-help and therapy including modalities like CBT, DBT, and ACT; my own spiritual journey over the years (quite dynamic but mostly aligned with agnostic buddhism); my own personal midnfulness practice; my current educational pursuits in both interreligious chaplaincy (providing spiritual support in times of crisis, regardless of religious affiliation – or lack thereof) and theology and the arts; and a wide spectrum of other experiences, trainings, and practices i’ve participated in over the past two+ decades of learning how to live well with my own “constellation of struggles” as a marginalized person in this world.

mini disclaimer-ish

i am not a therapist. i am a person with formal training in psychology, spiritual/emotional caregiving, and a lifetime of lived experience, here to offer what i know and do what i do best. only you can decide if what i have to offer is right for you.

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